Patients applauds services given by staff members in B2 and B10

Patients applauds services given by staff members in B2 and B10

Patients applauds services given by staff members in B2 and B10

Wards B2 and B10 staff members have re-ceived showers of compliments from patients who expressed gratitude for the services received from all the staff members in the two wards.

The staff members are meeting cus-tomer expectations by providing and delivering professional, helpful and high quality services. It is generally believed that, custom-ers are the only people who can judge whether or not good services have been received. The patients are very pleased with the cleanliness of the wards and also how the staff members are handling them.

“Aiwa tinobatwa zvakanaka, ndi-noda kutenda vese vanoshandira muB2 nekutibata zvakanaka. Tinopihwa nekuwaridzirwa zvakachena. Ndinotenda zvangu ne-vakoti vari muB2”, said one of the B2 patients while appreciating the assistance that they are being pro-vided by B2 staff members. The patients further commented that everything they require as patients is done on time.

“Mishonga ndinowana nenguva, zvese zvandinoda ndinoitirwa nenguva uyezve chingave chii chan-dakumbira ndinoitirwa nenguva. Masister edu ese hapana wandingapa mhosva” said another patient from B2. All the patients who wrote their compliments expressed a lot of confidence in the doctors attending to them. B2 is an ortho-paedic ward for the Mandizvidza Firm.

Another patient from the same ward expressed profound gratitude and satisfaction and said, “Ndofunga gumbo rangu rakauya rakaparara ndaiti zvimwe richaora asi rakapora zvakanaka uye rakachena”

In ward B10, the Sister- in- Charge received many cards of apprecia-tion from both the patients and rel-atives. “Your service and kindness is superb, you are the best. Munogona rambai makadaro, thank you so much”, wrote one relative of a patient in his card of apprecia-

The Sister- in- Charge of ward B10 pointed out that the secret behind their work and why the patients always pass positive comments to them is that B10 staff members are hardworking, a selfless team, they have passion for work and they ensure that their ward is clean all the time. The patients and their relatives also spoke highly of the doctors in the Renal Unit, Dr Ordwee, Dr Dahwa, and Dr Madzudzo for their commit-ment towards renal atients.”

Thank you so much, special mention goes to your renal doctors especially Dr Ordwee. God bless you”, said a rel-ative of a patient The Sister-in Charge also added that the Renal Unit at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals has the best equipment and specialist Renal Nurses in the country. “We even receive patients from abroad for example South Africa, Botswana and others and we are also a major referral centre because the people recognise the quality of services that we provide”, said the B10 Sister-in-Charge. It is also worth to note that the Sis-ters-in-Charge for both wards have passionately attended the Customer Care Workshops organised by the Public Relations Department.